Our commercial leasing and landlord representation services allow you to take advantage of our experience, skill-sets, connections and resources to be a more effective commercial investor. We are always focused on achieving optimal outcomes for our clients, so you can rest assured that we will be prioritizing your needs and desires in everything we do.

Even if you do not need full-service property management, it can be useful to work with our team to locate and vet potential tenants. We can market your property, screen potential tenants and ensure that you only rent to quality tenants. And if we cannot find a tenant we believe is suitable, we will say so – passing up a commission in the process.

Landlord Representation
We can assist you in locating building sites or existing properties. Our team has extensive knowledge of the sales and leasing process, so we can represent you from start to finish. We can help you develop an in-depth plan that includes determining what space you need, what space you may need in the future, cost of improvements or new construction, develop a schedule for completion and more.

True Real Estate Partners, Inc., is here to ensure your success. Please contact us now to learn more about our leasing and landlord representation services.